The Guerrini family has always been a family of winemakers, ever since they moved to Rome from Amatrice in 1958. Marco grew up in a family in which the tradition and wine culture was not only alive, but constituted a true own value. From being a wine merchant, he has become a wine producer in the early 2000s by purchasing an ancient estate in Umbria, on the border with Tuscany.

The winery, located in Monteleone d'Orvieto, thanks to its calcareous-sandy soils, the cool temperatures offered by its 600 meters of altitude and with the support of the oenologist Riccardo Cotarella, has specialized in the production of high quality Pinot Noir.

This activity began in 2017, with the first harvest, and since then the company has been committed to oenological research and the development of innovative technologies for sustainable and cutting-edge production, thus earning a reputation for producing wines of exceptional quality.

Our wines



100% Pinot Noir

Training system spurred cordon

Location of the vineyard Monteleone d'Orvieto (Owned vineyard)

Harvest manual, in boxes

Vinification 2-3 days of cold pre-fermentation maceration. The fermentation process takes place for the first half of the fermentation in steel tanks, for the second half in 2nd or 3rd passage French oak barriques (so that the effect of the wood on the must and wine is not excessive). After the end of the fermentation the coarse lees are eliminated and the wine remains in barriques for two years. Once the wine is in the bottle it is left to refine for at least another year before being presented to the public.

At sight Garnet red (more colorful than the classic Pinot Noir, both due to the area in which the grapes are grown and the seasons extraordinarily hot)

To the nose complex and elegant. Notes of small red fruits with light spiciness are highlighted.

On the palate Full, fruity and pleasantly savoury. Good persistence finish



100% Pinot Noir

Training system guyot

Location of the vineyard Monteleone d'Orvieto (Owned vineyard)

Harvest manual, in boxes

Vinification The processing process of the grapes and must is the same used for the production of Rosé. The wine obtained from the first fermentation, following the addition of sugar and yeasts, then undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle. The wine remains on the yeasts for a period of at least three years before disgorgement.

At sight The result is a classic method sparkling wine with a pale pink color (onion skin) and a fine and persistent perlage

To the noseThe cherry is combined with the typical aromas of the classic method (yeast and bread crust).

On the palate Full and balanced. Marked acidity and good flavor. 
Creamy foam.


WINE RESEARCH TEAM is a group that represents an Italy of Wine that believes in the value of scientific research and shares it in order to produce even better and healthier wines so that wine is always a modern and age-old source of pleasure.

A boat with an unfurled sail is the representative logo of WRT, to indicate the fascinating challenge between man and nature, the winemaker and his vineyards.

Wine Research Team was born as a brand during the 2012 harvest with the aim of characterizing 25 wine companies representing a large part of the Italian territory (from Piedmont to Calabria). The group recognizes itself in the technical guidance of the oenologist Riccardo Cotarella. From that harvest, a technical protocol was shared to obtain high quality wines in the absence of added sulphites.

After this positive experience, which brought together companies of consolidated tradition with others of more recent formation, all representative of national viticulture, in June 2014, the Network Association called Wine Research Team (WRT) was established with the aim of making common heritage of their experiences and knowledge.